Friday, 7 October 2011

The great tidy-up has begun

As anyone who has ventured into my study knows very often there is no floor visible and in the craft room  the floor level has risen by 2 foot!!!! Finally the pink room  has lost its calm and relaxing feel and is still filled with school related stuff 2 years after I left that job!!!!

So I decided that each day until I go on holiday (41 and counting) I will try and clear a square meter, excluding craft fair days.

Well this week has not been too bad, several bags for the bin and a bag of stuff to take to my fellow Troon Crafters.

This is the result before and in true changing rooms style  there is a before and after picture!

I know it does not look much but believe me it took some time, next week I plan to sort out the coffee table and the chair!

Today is a finishing off and pricing day, I have decided to go back to having baby stuff at the events I do in Glasgow, so baby hats to price and  baby cardigan to finish off, would be nice if the baby hangers I orders the other day came in time for the craft fair in Shawlands in the morning!

Hope you all have a productive day too!

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