Friday, 14 October 2011

Sneak peak at my latest project. This is stage 2 blocking and starching. More photos when they have dried out.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

My helpful kitties

My cats love helping with my craft work, have a look at the pics below!!!

Midge guarding my yarn before I use it!

Keeping the ball band safe

Murphy trying my latest make for size and comfort

Friday, 7 October 2011

The great tidy-up has begun

As anyone who has ventured into my study knows very often there is no floor visible and in the craft room  the floor level has risen by 2 foot!!!! Finally the pink room  has lost its calm and relaxing feel and is still filled with school related stuff 2 years after I left that job!!!!

So I decided that each day until I go on holiday (41 and counting) I will try and clear a square meter, excluding craft fair days.

Well this week has not been too bad, several bags for the bin and a bag of stuff to take to my fellow Troon Crafters.

This is the result before and in true changing rooms style  there is a before and after picture!

I know it does not look much but believe me it took some time, next week I plan to sort out the coffee table and the chair!

Today is a finishing off and pricing day, I have decided to go back to having baby stuff at the events I do in Glasgow, so baby hats to price and  baby cardigan to finish off, would be nice if the baby hangers I orders the other day came in time for the craft fair in Shawlands in the morning!

Hope you all have a productive day too!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

3 Jack Russels

Here are the three Jack Russells I was recently asked to make! They are very cute but were quite fiddly to do, and they are tiny!!!
How much is that doggy in the window ?
My three Jack Russells are finally finished. They were quite time consuming as made on 2.75 mm needles.
They measure 15 cm in length and 14 cm to top of head. More photos will be posted later.

Friday, 23 September 2011

A basket of flowers

Just finished this tea cosy in time for this weekends events at BAAD at the Barras on Saturday and Afternoon Twee at the Shed on Sunday.
It is made with 3 strands of yarn for extra cosiness.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Latest New Makes

Apologies firstly for the photos, my camera is not right at the moment, really must get around to reading the instructions!!!! The photos were taken at the weekend in Troon at the craft fair there.

I got great new yarns when I was in Wiltshire the other week, the first two images show a fabby ruffle yarn that is 50 % pure new wool  and had a great soft fleecy texture.

Thee are snuggles which slip over your neck and are very very cosy indeed and extremely lightweight! 

I was kicking myself for only buying 2 balls of this yarn, so took the plunge and have ordered 20 more, bang goes the remainder of Saturday's profits!  So hopefully it will arrive soon as both snuggles went in the first hour!!!!

 The next  set of photos are the softest , cutest booties ever!! Made in Rowan 4ply cotton and Paton's 4 ply cotton they are so cute!! They are a wrap around style with moss stitch sole and adjustable button fastening . They fit up to 12-18mth size and are machine washable!!

These ones were a special order , but all colours and sizes are available!!!
Large size in Rowan 4ply cotton

Sirdar Bamboo yarn / Patons 4ply cotton large size

Small size in Paton's 4 ply cotton

Monday, 5 September 2011

Events updated

Well my events list is now updates and is hopefuly correct!!!!

Yes I have it correct that I have 2 events on Sunday the 11th but have a cunning plan for that, which does not involve me cloning myself!!!! So I have not gone mad!!!

Sadly not at Little Birds in September or October now so may just have to go as a visitor to theses and spend some pennies!!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Just thought I would share this image. It is an order , a lovely beige ruffle bag with satin pearl handle. The bag is fully lined and has a key clip and magnetic fastening.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Look what the postman brought

Ok all plans for today are cancelled, just had new batch of yarn delivered :)

Yummy new autumn colours of Katia Ondas to make scarves and creamy white for bags also a lovely pale dusky pink that will make great bags too.

Crochet hooks at the ready, hopefully my other postman will bring the lining material and beads so I can have a couple of the cream and pink bags ready for the craft fair in Troon this Saturday.  

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Event changes

Sad news the planned  New Arts and Crafts Movement Craft Fair at the Kelvin Hall on the 13th of August has been cancelled due to lack of uptake from stall holders, hopeful;y  the organisers will be able to rescedule at a later date, would have been good to do another event in Glasgow.

I have also corrected my events list as I had missed out the latest  Little Birds Market at Sloans and the date of the first Glimmercraft Event in Newton Mearns also needed sorting!
So now I have a free Saturday next weekend Eek!!!! what will I do!!!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Caught on Camera in Kilwinning

Two weekends ago I was at a new Craft Fair in Kilwinning with some fellow crafters from Troon.

Found some images taken on the day so thought I would share them with you.  There are more to be found here.

Izzys Umbrella based in Sanquhar

Seller of road kill coasters!

Marion and her Mum and their fab cards

Zaggs and Purzes by Natalie of Tangent Crafts

Steffi of Candi Bears

Saturday, 30 July 2011

If you are in Morningside Area pop over and say hi, should be a fab event. Doors open 10:30 till 15:30. All in aid of a good cause,free entry and raffle too :)

Friday, 29 July 2011


Have been making evening/ party bags with the Katia Ondas yarn, getting ready for Christmas etc, went to sew up the lining for them and discovered that when I took out the bobbin to use the thread when hand stitching, I have " "misplaced" the bobbin housing!

No problem me thinks , will be in the green room or dining room.....wrong

Ok go on line and order spare.... wrong none to be found ................

So  next week will be off searching for a sewing machine shop to try and get a replacement!!!!!

Must have chucked it out by accident when clearing the dining room table!!!!

Not a happy chappy!!!!

However on the plus side I have made lots of new bottle cap zip pull, Angry birds, Kung Fu Panda and Keep Calm ones for this weekends events.

On Saturday I will be at Friends of the Earth Craft Fair in the Eric Liddle Centre in Morningside,then Sunday is Afternoon Twee at the Shed in Shawlands, Glasgow.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Caught chatting at Twee

While looking for stuff for the blog I can across a photo on Flickr taken by the talented Martin D Barker of Elaine and I chatting to Fred who was one of the organisers of the event and also has the great Ruby Tuesdays Vintage shop in Bath St, above the Butterfly and Pig!

Martin had kindly allowed me to share the image. sorry Elaine, please pop over to his page and see his photos the are great!!!

It's been a while.......

Hello and happy Monday, sorry it's been ages since I have posted, just have not seem to have time to sit down and update the blog! Smacked wrists all round!!!

Well since I last posted I have been to stacks of fairs and have  lots of lovely days chatting to friends old and new and actually have started my Christmas Master Plan to buy some presents at each fair!!!

On Saturday I was at a new fair in Kilwinning Abbey Church Hall which is now been run on dates to coincide with the existing Farmers market. It was great fun, fab location and good sales all round!!!

There were also some familiar faces on both sides of the stalls  Natalie  from Tangent Crafts and her zaggs and purzes Steffi and Blair with Candi Bears, Marion and her mum with her great cards, the great Izzy Umbrella was also there, a familiar face from Moffat events!

This weekend will be a busy one too, I have the Friends of the Earth Craft Fair on Saturday in the Eric Lidell Centre in Morningside! 10:30  to 15:30, then  a fab pizza tea me thinks before we head home!!! 

Sunday brings Afternoon Twee in the Shed from 12:30 and  wait for it ... there is a bar!!! So if you are visiting mine is a glass of rose please!!! We are over two floors so there will be plenty to see!! Zaggs will be there, Rachael from Bunnys Beads also Lady Drawers too .

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Another new Craft Kid on the block

Southside Crafter: Arts and Craft Fair 


A new Art's and Crafts fair is being established in the Southside. The Southside Crafter will be a monthly arts and crafts fair and will be held in Shawlands Kirk at Shawlands Cross, 11am till 3pm.
Southside Crafters are currently looking for artists and makers to get involved and tables can be booked for events between August to December. Tables are £20 per event.
If you are interested in being involved then Email for more information or a booking form.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Rainbow Dalek Invasion took Crafty Critters by storm!

Yesterday I was at the Crafty Critters Craft Fair in Glasgow and had a great day out with fabby feedback and great chat!

Made lots of new friends and caught out with some old ones too! Did some serious shopping at Lesely B she has beautiful jeweley all hand made and hallmarked, ideal if you have a birthday soon!!! She has a facebook page too!!!

This is what I want next from her!

My Dalek invasion flew off the shelves which was great especially the bright coloured ones, the cutest moment was when a toddler came up shouting exterminate at them and his lovely mum bought him my plushie Tardis, which he seemed to love!!!!!!

Also got details of some new events coming up for crafters in the Southside of Glasgow, more details later in the week!

So last night I relaxed by knitting fabby lavender sachets in Debbi Bliss Prima yarn,  a mixture of bamboo and Merino wool in luscious purple, hope to have a small supply ready for this week's Lanarkshire Craft Group event in Rutherglen Shopping Mall and the SACDC Fair at Crossford on Sunday

This week I have some more Daleks to make, stock to deliver, carousel horse tea cosies to make and I fancy updating my Dr Who card collection!!!! Not much time for housework then!!!

However I have some reading to do, got this on Friday and think will be having some fun with it!

Friday, 15 April 2011

The Rainbow Dalek Invasion Force is ready!

It has been a while since I last posted, I have been really busy knitting and crocheting orders also running my crochet class in the East End.

Glad to say that orders are complete ( well almost) and the class has come to an end. The class was fun however in the first couple of weeks it has a hard slog 1 tutor to 8 ladies was  a bit of a push!!!

I would love to do another  class again, so keep fingers and toes crossed! Still have to show Elaine how to crochet!!

We had an interesting night with some of my fellow crafters from Troon, we decided to have a girly night to sort out facebook pages and learn to crochet, well we did the facebook stuff, had a lovely meal, drank lots  and the crochet did not happen, some of us did not crawl to bed till nearly 3am!!!!
So please pop over to face book to check out Hot Ceramics , Elins Cards and GemTrees .

I have also been busy  sorting out booking for new craft fairs so not many weekends free at the moment!

But back to the Dalek Invasion!! I am at a fair in Glasgow this weekend which is a very unusual occurrence and decided to make a rainbow of Daleks, I still have the pink one to do, hope to do that today after I make another tea cosy, as the Dalek one I have made is booked by Lynne from Squinty Jewellery

The fair is in Renfield St Stephens in Bath St from 11 to 4 this Saturday, here is the link to  Crafty Critters.

Finally good luck this Saturday to another new craft fair, organised by Glimmer Craft Events at the Kyle Shopping Centre in Ayr from 10am to 5pm both Elin's Cards and Gem Trees will be there so if you are about pop in and say hi!! I will be at the same event on the 30th April!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Kate and William

Just about there, when I was looking at this again, realised his ears are missing, Midge must have ran off with them!

Now the dilemma is whether to make the rest of the Royal Party? There are even corgis to make and footmen!!

My friend, Lesley, says I should at least make the Queen, think I need to make the Archbishop too!

What do you think?

Monday, 21 March 2011

Is it Spring or Winter?

Well the weather has been all over the place lately, we have had snow, fog , rain and sun it can't make its' mind up!

I have been finishing orders , teaching crochet and playing too.

Got the Knit your Royal Family Book  and have finished Kate and will finish William today, they are very quick to knit but Kate took 4 hours to sew up!!!!

Here is the cover for the book, will post my images later!!

After that it was time to dosomething nice and quick!!! One of my freinds asked me to make a baby cardigan for a frends forst grand daughter! So wool bought on saturday late afternoon and finished yesterday!! Bliss 

Here are the images

Sirdar Snuggly Kisses DK

It is a really nice yarn, the ball band describes it as " a delicate stripe effect dk yarn" It is also machine washable and you can tumble dry it too!! The range of colours are great and it is well priced too. I had previously been asked for baby clothes for Lady Drawers so I think this yarn may well be used again!!!!

I also got a lovely white dk yarn with a slight sparkle to it so think I will do a lacey knit cardi too from me!!! You never know may have this posted today also.