Monday, 13 December 2010

Do you like my logo

It was designed for me by one of my ex Gold Star Cafe buddies, a great big thanks to Sean!!!


Yipee the Carmmunock Primary School Christmas Fayre is going ahead this wednesday from 7 to 9pm to if you are local pop along and see what wonderful goodies are on offer.

I just need to spend the next two days knitting wavey weave scarves, as I took all I had made to Lady Drawers for the Troon shop!!!

This weeks items

Sunday, 12 December 2010

And now starring in Troon

Lady Drawers 12 West Portland Street Troon formally Ad Lib opposite Lido .


Do you recognise the pink wavey scarf nd the heart shaped cushions?? I have been knitting them like a mad thing, delivered another 10 to the Troon shop the other day and 6 to the Strathbungo shop!!!

If anyone is looking for some I have yarn in stock and can have them delivered ready for Christmas in a nice range of colours!!!

And finally Midge has developed a liking for the Christmas tree!!!

Baby hats are becoming a regular in the Glasgow shop, watch this space for baby clothes!!!!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Back to reality with a bump!

Well the holiday is over! Just back from a really relaxing holiday in Lanzarote, we stayed in a fab hotel and just chilled by the pool!!!

Even more amazing was that I hardly knitted anything!!! Down side of this is that I had better get cracking for this weekend!!!

I have 3 events, an "At home" my friend's Roz's tonight then I am at Coatbridge Academy School fair on Saturday morning, Elin will be there too!

Then I am hot footing it down to Moffat for Santa coming, at

Christmas Festival and Lights Switch-On

you will find me in the Proudfoot Institute ,Alexis and Linnhe will be there too together with a whole host of goodies to buy.
Here is what Moffat Online has to say about the event

Market. Crafts, Charity Fair and free musical entertainment all day on a trailer stage and in venues around the town.

Here's the schedule for the day:
  • Street Market in the High Street from 11.00am
  • Craft Fair at Proudfoot and the Town Hall from 12.00pm
  • Entertainment on the trailer stage in the High Street from 1.00pm
  • Santa arrives in the High Street at 2.00 pm and goes to his Grotto in the Town Hall (from 2.45pm)
  • Christmas Carols in the High Street from 4.15pm
  • Christmas Lights switched on at 5.00pm in the High Street

And as we all know.... Moffat Christmas Lights are the prettiest!

Finally will leave you with some picture of a very sunny Lanzarote!!!

Monday, 8 November 2010

What a week

Well I have had an interesting non craft related week.

Firstly there is the Argos saga, which is still not fully resolved but can not face retelling it, Elaine got the whole story at the Ayrshire Craft Fair on Saturday in Troon!!

As far as the electrical things are concerned Dyson  packed in so add one new Dyson to the weeks purchases, then while in a vain attempt to reshuffle my study  the very very heavy 32 inch tv fell off the stand and on to me!!! Left sorting the cables etc to yesterday and after much faffing around decided the tv  was now no longer working properly, ie could get video but no sound and sky sound but no pictures and dvd not playing at all.

Hot footed it to local electrical shop and came back wioth nice shiny  32in flat screen tv, plugged all the same stuff in and guess what??? yes same faults there.

To cut long story short  faults were

1 Scart cable on Sky faulty
2 dvd dead
3 vcr hit and miss
so replace scart, brought through vcr from lounge and ordered new dvd player!!!!!

So we now have spare tv!!! and big hole in my pocket!!!
Just as well I had two fabulous craft events, forstly the Friends of Ayrshire Hospice Craft Fair in Dunlop, where they raised nearly £3000 on the night, then The Ayrshire Arts and Craft Fair in Troon where I had my best ever fair!!!! Did a roaring trade on the faboulous Katia yarns and my kitting kits, including the I will cast on and knit the first couple of rows for you service!!!

This week is busy too , I am in Whitburn on Tuesday night for the Brown Bair Appeal for the The Five Sisters Zoo.

SO  better get back to the needles!!!!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

All things Dr Who

I have quite a few orders at he moment for Dr Who related items and I thought I would post images for some of them before they find new homes!!

These will be the last images I take before my  new super super light box with lights and tripod comes!!!!!!!   Roll on Tuesday!!!

Well here is my own little Alien Invasion

 Now off to make a bigger Matt Smith with a bowl of custard and fishfingers and to finish Rowan's Ballet bun!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

I am a very tired bunny

Well yesterday was a craft marathon, left the house at 8 am to go to Girvan for the S.I.S.G Ayrshire Hearing Support  (web site:  in Girvan, it was a great day, free flat parking, automatic door and a lift, so I managed to get all my stuff in in 3 goes!!!!!!

The venue was FAB, nice and light and airy, I was in the art room  which was flooded with natural light!!!!

Lots of the folk from Troon were there and I got a great necklace and bracelet from Alison ( have ordered a purple set  for December)

It was a good day, lots of people spending!!!! I tried selling the Triana and Ondas yarn and it went really well, so well have ordered more today!!!! Definitely going to make up packs with yarn , pattern and needles for sale !!

Then it was up to Troon for the Ladies night which was good fun , especially when I got handed a glass of wine when I had finished setting up the stall :)

There was lots of lovely things for sale, one nice stall was selling Jamie at Home stuff so have a wonderful round griddle pan on order as mine broke last month and have been looking for a new one for ages.

However getting home at 10 pm was not great!!!!! Was in bed by 10:10!!!!

So today is going to be a lazy day, well apart from the massive yarn order i have just done, have a dalek to finish and an adipose too.

Finally if anyone is looking for a good robust trolley for Craft events I can thoroughly recommend Ollies Trolleys they are fab, good price, folds flat and reasonable cost and NO I am not on commission!!!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

New Toy

Well today's post is not craft related directly, but has craft connections.

Yesterday was my birthday 21 again....................... and I got a pogoplug from my mum
This is the techie blurb

The My.Pogoplug Service

Pogoplug is much more than a standalone consumer electronics device. Each Pogoplug comes with a free online service for remotely accessing and sharing your files through any web browser or mobile device.
To use, simply type in your email address and password. You will immediately see all of the files stored on your Pogoplug enabled devices. You may then share, stream, upload or download to and from your Pogoplug connected hard drives from anywhere in the world - no technical expertise or advanced networking knowledge required.
The service is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. A free desktop application for both Mac and PC enables you to view Pogoplug connected files as if they were on a local drive, and also actively copies content you designate from your computer to Pogoplug drives. Applications for Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and Android offer similar capabilities, freeing your mobile devices from the constraints of small flash drives.

Which means I can access my files on my external hard drive from anywhere and can also share my files with folk . So I can access my music and video files when on holiday , if my knitting pattern blows into the pool I can retrieve a copy of it ( yes that did happen last year)

So  lots of playing and sharing ahead!!! !!On a craft note, finally got round to writing up on kitchen notice board all the things I have on order!!!!! EEEEEKKKKKKKKK

Meeting Elin on Thursday to give her stuff for her Brownie Pack holiday this weekend , just need to find more google eyes to put onto 16 of the ghosts that I made!!
Then this weekend I am in Girvan and Troon , it will be a long day as Girvan set up time is 8:30am and Troon finishes at 9pm!!!! Me thinks chips for tea that night!

Off to search for those eyes or else it is Tesco for me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well saves me from the footie!!!!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Brunstfield Craft market

I had a great day on Saturday at the first Bruntsfield Craft Market, it was a fantastic venue ( Eric Liddell Centre) and the customers came in a good number!  Hannah,the organiser, did a fabby job and her husband was great at pulling in the crowds!!!

Sales and chat were both good and the goods from the German bakers were out of this world!!!!

My Christmas Stocking and decorations went well and I collected Dalek orders for next month too!!!

I got my first batch of the Triana yarn and it is so nice to work with!!! Went a bit mad on Saturday when I got back and managed to find a supplier with yarn in stock so ordered even more!!!!!Hopefully it will come today, I now have 3 colours made up, will take some photos later!!!

Well off to get dressed and finish making 28 ghosts!!!!... that's a story for another day!!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Metal spot light and eye don't mix!

Well today started badly and got worse,  my asthma was not great so could not go to Country Baskets with Elin( another time perhaps).

After being a good girl and resting I managed to burn my eyelid with the metal shade of the spot light, then knocked can of coke over sofa ( leather so ok, however snugly sleeping bag not!)

Back to crafting, well as I said before the wavey weave scarves sold really well so I placed another order, this time with Cucumber patch and when the yarn arrived yesterday they could only send a third of the order as the rest was out of stock, the manufacturer was taken by surprise at the level of sales so no more in the UK till end of the month. !!!

However on reading the  latest copy of a knitting magazine I found another stockist and ordered more today so hopefully they will be in stock and I can have a great range of colours to work with.

I also managed to order another exciting yarn Triana which is also a scarf yarn so have ordered some too, really looking forward to that coming

My next project is to make Ghosts for Elin's pack holiday, I have a cute pattern and plan to make then during this weekends Bruntsfield Craft Market in Edinburgh. So if you are in Morningside on Saturday 10-4 pop into the Eric Liddel Centre and say hi!!!!

Monday, 4 October 2010

First post of the month!

I can not believe it is October already!!

We all seemed to have a great day at the Ayrshire Arts and Craft Fair in Troon on Saturday, lots of good sales and chat. My wavey weave scarves went down very well, I also had lots of requests for the wool itself, so when I got home  I placed an order for more yarn and may make up kits for sale, providing I can get knitting needles at a decent price!!!

The nice thing about Troon is you get repeat business, I already have orders for next month for a Rasta Tea Cosy, Blue Fluffy Cushion, Scarf and waistcoat!!!

This weekend I am attending the first Bruntsfield Craft Market in Edinburgh , so fingers and toes crossed for a good day!It is being organised by Hand made Hannah.

Yesterday I finished the gloves for Alexis , they are soo cute even if I do say so myself!

 Right off to think about Harry Potter things!!!!!( New film out next month)

Thursday, 30 September 2010

A day not crafting!

Yes yesterday was a non craft day , spent most of the afternoon at Wheelcraft with James while he got a hub taken off one rim and put on a new rim! So lot of reading done on my lovely kindle!!!

This was interspersed with a McDonalds and lots of rain, followed by a cheeky pint or 3 in M J Heraghty's then home for cheese toasties!!!! This is the life.

Have been more crafty today, James finished Steffi's stall shelves for saturday and I have sewn up 3 of my purple/ pink fluffy cushions for Troon on saturday.

Have finished my wavey weave scarves that were on order and just have ipod cosy to finish and we are all set!

Will leave you with an image of my cat tea cosy!!! 

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Feeling smug

Well big big ticks!!!

Ballet bun cover pattern sorted AND...... wavey weave scarft for Tracey done!!!!!!( and it's not even 8 am!)

On different note  kitty slept most of night on our bed ahhhhhhhhhh, including a couple of hours under the covers!!!!!!!!!!

Now off to be a dutiful wife and take Andy to work then ipod cover and wavey weave scarf making!!

Monday, 27 September 2010

One cheeky chick doorstop

Ok task one  big tick!!! Finished it today while watching endless CSI!! Now onto the wavey weave scarves, hopefully I can get one finished tonight. Tuesdays tasks will be to make the ipod cover and look out the yarn for Rowan's gloves and work out a pattern for the ballet bun cover!

Apologies , apologies

Sorry I have been very tardy in posting! Elin has been putting me to shame.

Well I  have been really busy ( honest) I have finished and posted the giant Iggle Piggle and have made the ordered dalek. I have also got lots of new yarn so have been  on a heart shaped cushion fest after Elaine from Troon asked if I was making any  more, so they just need sewn up, ( this weeks number 5 task)

4 heart cushion fronts waiting to be sewn up       

I have made 7, Midge likes them too

Managed to make a nice grey and pink random fluffy scarf also
So this weeks priorities are

1 Elin's Cheeky chick door stop
2 Tracey's  autumn colour weavy weave scarf
3 Elaine's black and white wavey weave scarf
4 Mini booties for Elaine
5 Tardis ipod cover for Alexs/ Gary

Alexis has asked me to make lacy gauntlets fro her lovely daughter Rowan and a Ballet crochet bun cover so that is the final tasks of this week!!!!!!

Will definitely be kept out of mischief!!!!!!!!, well perhaps not!!!

And for those who did not see my FB post I have pink hair!!!

I hate getting my photo taken so this is all you are getting so far!!!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Miserable Monday

Well as they say the nights are fair drawing in!!!

The Ayrshire Craft Fair on Saturday was great, they have lovely pictures of the stalls on their Facebook Page pop over and have a look.

Well folk are already thinking about Christmas I have orders for the Iggle Piggle, Meercats , Dinosaur and Tardis  phone covers so far . Nearly finished the Iggle Piggle as need to get that top Suzanne for Thursday. Will post images of the soon and the scarves that I made using the wavey weave yarn. I think they will need to be display separately as they are stunning so have ordered  a pair of black display busts for them.

Finally a note of good news  to inspire, Lady Drawers who stock some of my items were at the Fair on Saturday and bought all of Sheena's  from Hot Ceramics stock and all of the Salt Dough girls stock!!! Well done to both of you, you were the talk of the Steamie!!!!!!

Thursday, 9 September 2010


OK some things don't quite go to plan, tick to the hello kitty bookmarks, tick to packaging, half a tick to the gloves, one  pair need to be beaded and flowered!

On the plus side have my fabby new Theo reading glasses, as seen on Sex in the City 2 ( that is all I have in common with them!) The shelves did not get done for the craft fair but my willing partner in crime is coming over tonight to get the wood and he will make and paint them on Friday( what a great way to spend his day off!!)

Had a request from Suzanne at Yummy Things to make and Igleg piggle from In the night garden, had NOO idea what that was so have found image, sorted out a patterns and am now meant to be checking my stash for 2 shades of blue yarn and one of red, so tick to the red after searching 3 rooms  so now in study supposedly looking for the blue, otherwise will need to go and buy some!!!!

However that might not be all that bad as I could treat myself to some nice black yarn to make a shrug for my winter Holiday................., yes Ein any excuse!!!

I have a couple of other orders for Saturday in Troon, a lilac scarf ( yarn got but not started), 2 cushions ( finished) and to take cotton yarn for Elin to pick colours for a Cheeky Chick door stop( found 6  colours so far)

Just waiting for the postie to bring cello bags to fit my bookmarks as the ones I bought are way to big and to sort out what stands I am taking this weekend, got a new one for cushion but it is a tad bigger and heavier than I thought, Ce la vie!

Right off to yarn search and Iggle Piggle make!! Will post piccies later.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Rain rain go away

What a horrible day, very very wet, dank and gloomy!!!!

Was not a sensible bunny and wore open toed shoes to take Andy to work!! I am so glad I made stock last night, so todays plan includes making a nice chicken soup for tea! I can not believe how quickly the weather has changed it was dark before 9 last night.

Today creative plan includes mounting my Dr Who bookmarks onto card and cello wrappers and making more Hello Kitty fimo bookmarks. My kitty has taken a fondness to mohair wool and spent yesterday running off with my wool, including the stuff I was working with, so I have to finish these gloves today, flowers and beading needed, ( will do that when the footie is on)and place the yarn out of her way, as this morning the hall was covered in red mohair yarn!!!!

On a brighter note we have booked a winter break here Gran Castillo in between craft fairs in November so am dreaming of cocktails by the pool and spa treatments daily!!!!  Mum and I were there in February so time to share with Andy.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Profit all spent!!!

This is the un knitted yarn
This must be a record even for me, came back from Crafty Critters, had nice relaxing bath then read magazine and spottted the most wonderful yarn, jumped on line and did what any self respecting wool hoarder does, ordered a ball in each colour!!!!!

It is so unusual more like knitted ribbon  in a dip dyed random colour way, will  make great scarves etc!

 Hopefully it will come soon so I can  have some knitted up in time for next Saturdays Ayrshire Craft Fair in the Concert Hall in Troon.

Just has email from Lynne who organsed todays event to let us know we raised £210 for local animal charities!!!
  this is a knitted up version

Just a quick note

We had a fab day at the first crafty critters event, had good sales  and it was nice catching up with Elin! Only down side is I need to make more Daleks!!!!

Fingers and toes crossed

Crafty Critters is today , so hopefully it will be a good event, it wil be nice to catch up with Elin who makes great papercraft products, my frined Roz and her daughter Jenny will be popping in to say hi too.

It is really nice and sunny today so hopefully that will bring the folk out in droves!!!!  then it is off to Busby for a BBQ afterwards. 

I finished my mohair wristwarmers yesterday and made a ruffled neck wamer to match , just need to make the flower  button, which I will do at the fair . Will post images of them later.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Come and see me on Saturday

This Saturday, ie tomorrow, I will be at the first Crafty Critters Craft Fair in Shawlands Kirk, just opposite the Granary at the cross. The fair is from 11-4 and is in aid of local animal charities, admission £1 for adults the weans go free!!!! There are 12 stalls and a tombola so come along and join in the fun  Elin will be there too!!!

Sunshine in Moffat

Cheeky chick in soft cotton

This is one of the photos Alexis took last week during the Art show in Moffat. e had a lovely week there, it was nice being able to set up your stall for a whole 8 days without having to take it down again!!!!! As well as selling  my wares, I also had time to make some new products, cupcake tea cosies, delicate mohair fingerless gloves amongst others. will post imahes later.