Monday, 27 September 2010

Apologies , apologies

Sorry I have been very tardy in posting! Elin has been putting me to shame.

Well I  have been really busy ( honest) I have finished and posted the giant Iggle Piggle and have made the ordered dalek. I have also got lots of new yarn so have been  on a heart shaped cushion fest after Elaine from Troon asked if I was making any  more, so they just need sewn up, ( this weeks number 5 task)

4 heart cushion fronts waiting to be sewn up       

I have made 7, Midge likes them too

Managed to make a nice grey and pink random fluffy scarf also
So this weeks priorities are

1 Elin's Cheeky chick door stop
2 Tracey's  autumn colour weavy weave scarf
3 Elaine's black and white wavey weave scarf
4 Mini booties for Elaine
5 Tardis ipod cover for Alexs/ Gary

Alexis has asked me to make lacy gauntlets fro her lovely daughter Rowan and a Ballet crochet bun cover so that is the final tasks of this week!!!!!!

Will definitely be kept out of mischief!!!!!!!!, well perhaps not!!!

And for those who did not see my FB post I have pink hair!!!

I hate getting my photo taken so this is all you are getting so far!!!

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  1. lol - shall I let you into a secret? I do a mamoth blog session and post them in advance! You haven't added Coatbridge High christmas fair to your list! Can't wait to see my cheeky chick! See you sat - early for coffee!