Thursday, 9 September 2010


OK some things don't quite go to plan, tick to the hello kitty bookmarks, tick to packaging, half a tick to the gloves, one  pair need to be beaded and flowered!

On the plus side have my fabby new Theo reading glasses, as seen on Sex in the City 2 ( that is all I have in common with them!) The shelves did not get done for the craft fair but my willing partner in crime is coming over tonight to get the wood and he will make and paint them on Friday( what a great way to spend his day off!!)

Had a request from Suzanne at Yummy Things to make and Igleg piggle from In the night garden, had NOO idea what that was so have found image, sorted out a patterns and am now meant to be checking my stash for 2 shades of blue yarn and one of red, so tick to the red after searching 3 rooms  so now in study supposedly looking for the blue, otherwise will need to go and buy some!!!!

However that might not be all that bad as I could treat myself to some nice black yarn to make a shrug for my winter Holiday................., yes Ein any excuse!!!

I have a couple of other orders for Saturday in Troon, a lilac scarf ( yarn got but not started), 2 cushions ( finished) and to take cotton yarn for Elin to pick colours for a Cheeky Chick door stop( found 6  colours so far)

Just waiting for the postie to bring cello bags to fit my bookmarks as the ones I bought are way to big and to sort out what stands I am taking this weekend, got a new one for cushion but it is a tad bigger and heavier than I thought, Ce la vie!

Right off to yarn search and Iggle Piggle make!! Will post piccies later.

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  1. How's iggle piggle coming along?! What are you like - you're worse than me for using the tiniest excuse for stash buying!!

    Can't wait to choose the colours tomorrow! See you then!