Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Rain rain go away

What a horrible day, very very wet, dank and gloomy!!!!

Was not a sensible bunny and wore open toed shoes to take Andy to work!! I am so glad I made stock last night, so todays plan includes making a nice chicken soup for tea! I can not believe how quickly the weather has changed it was dark before 9 last night.

Today creative plan includes mounting my Dr Who bookmarks onto card and cello wrappers and making more Hello Kitty fimo bookmarks. My kitty has taken a fondness to mohair wool and spent yesterday running off with my wool, including the stuff I was working with, so I have to finish these gloves today, flowers and beading needed, ( will do that when the footie is on)and place the yarn out of her way, as this morning the hall was covered in red mohair yarn!!!!

On a brighter note we have booked a winter break here Gran Castillo in between craft fairs in November so am dreaming of cocktails by the pool and spa treatments daily!!!!  Mum and I were there in February so time to share with Andy.

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