Thursday, 30 September 2010

A day not crafting!

Yes yesterday was a non craft day , spent most of the afternoon at Wheelcraft with James while he got a hub taken off one rim and put on a new rim! So lot of reading done on my lovely kindle!!!

This was interspersed with a McDonalds and lots of rain, followed by a cheeky pint or 3 in M J Heraghty's then home for cheese toasties!!!! This is the life.

Have been more crafty today, James finished Steffi's stall shelves for saturday and I have sewn up 3 of my purple/ pink fluffy cushions for Troon on saturday.

Have finished my wavey weave scarves that were on order and just have ipod cosy to finish and we are all set!

Will leave you with an image of my cat tea cosy!!! 

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