Sunday, 24 October 2010

I am a very tired bunny

Well yesterday was a craft marathon, left the house at 8 am to go to Girvan for the S.I.S.G Ayrshire Hearing Support  (web site:  in Girvan, it was a great day, free flat parking, automatic door and a lift, so I managed to get all my stuff in in 3 goes!!!!!!

The venue was FAB, nice and light and airy, I was in the art room  which was flooded with natural light!!!!

Lots of the folk from Troon were there and I got a great necklace and bracelet from Alison ( have ordered a purple set  for December)

It was a good day, lots of people spending!!!! I tried selling the Triana and Ondas yarn and it went really well, so well have ordered more today!!!! Definitely going to make up packs with yarn , pattern and needles for sale !!

Then it was up to Troon for the Ladies night which was good fun , especially when I got handed a glass of wine when I had finished setting up the stall :)

There was lots of lovely things for sale, one nice stall was selling Jamie at Home stuff so have a wonderful round griddle pan on order as mine broke last month and have been looking for a new one for ages.

However getting home at 10 pm was not great!!!!! Was in bed by 10:10!!!!

So today is going to be a lazy day, well apart from the massive yarn order i have just done, have a dalek to finish and an adipose too.

Finally if anyone is looking for a good robust trolley for Craft events I can thoroughly recommend Ollies Trolleys they are fab, good price, folds flat and reasonable cost and NO I am not on commission!!!

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