Thursday, 7 October 2010

Metal spot light and eye don't mix!

Well today started badly and got worse,  my asthma was not great so could not go to Country Baskets with Elin( another time perhaps).

After being a good girl and resting I managed to burn my eyelid with the metal shade of the spot light, then knocked can of coke over sofa ( leather so ok, however snugly sleeping bag not!)

Back to crafting, well as I said before the wavey weave scarves sold really well so I placed another order, this time with Cucumber patch and when the yarn arrived yesterday they could only send a third of the order as the rest was out of stock, the manufacturer was taken by surprise at the level of sales so no more in the UK till end of the month. !!!

However on reading the  latest copy of a knitting magazine I found another stockist and ordered more today so hopefully they will be in stock and I can have a great range of colours to work with.

I also managed to order another exciting yarn Triana which is also a scarf yarn so have ordered some too, really looking forward to that coming

My next project is to make Ghosts for Elin's pack holiday, I have a cute pattern and plan to make then during this weekends Bruntsfield Craft Market in Edinburgh. So if you are in Morningside on Saturday 10-4 pop into the Eric Liddel Centre and say hi!!!!

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  1. Look at it this way, after that start, things can only get better