Friday, 29 July 2011


Have been making evening/ party bags with the Katia Ondas yarn, getting ready for Christmas etc, went to sew up the lining for them and discovered that when I took out the bobbin to use the thread when hand stitching, I have " "misplaced" the bobbin housing!

No problem me thinks , will be in the green room or dining room.....wrong

Ok go on line and order spare.... wrong none to be found ................

So  next week will be off searching for a sewing machine shop to try and get a replacement!!!!!

Must have chucked it out by accident when clearing the dining room table!!!!

Not a happy chappy!!!!

However on the plus side I have made lots of new bottle cap zip pull, Angry birds, Kung Fu Panda and Keep Calm ones for this weekends events.

On Saturday I will be at Friends of the Earth Craft Fair in the Eric Liddle Centre in Morningside,then Sunday is Afternoon Twee at the Shed in Shawlands, Glasgow.

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